"Slain"commander returns to life Lt-Col Pawngkher 'Slain' commander returns to life 4 April 2007 S.H.A.NA trusted confidant of a Shan State 網路行銷Army (SSA) South commander, whose death has been publicized for months by a rival group, visited S.H.A.N 裝潢. yesterday to announce he is still very much alive and kicking. "That was propaganda," said Lt-Col Pawngkher, 43, of V 結婚ictory Column, who was, according to his erstwhile comrade Lt-Col Moengzuen, "killed in action" during a two-hour long fight in M 婚禮顧問ongkeung, 108 miles northeast of the state capital Taunggyi, on 28 December 2006.The news of his death was repeated in vivid details by in places as 長灘島 far as Bangkok and Muse, which was to no one's surprise vehemently denied by the SSA. But it wasn't until the visit by his confidant when all doubts were 裝潢 dispelled. The battle took place near Nam Nieb, Yangloi tract, 3 miles east of Mongkeung, where Pawngkher's 60-strong command unit was surrounded by a 120-strong combined Burma 租屋Army and militia force. The outnumbered SSA men were able to put the attackers to rout by a resolute counter attack in which 2 of their men including Radioman Leng Awng were killed. On the Bur ARMANIma Army's side, 28 reportedly fell. "Lt-Col Myo Myint Kyaw (Commander of the Light Infantry Battalion 516) could also be among the casualties, if it weren't for the fact that he was such a good runne 房屋買賣r,' Pawngkher was quoted as saying. The Burma Army meanwhile has a different story: the rebels were routed, leaving 3 dead, while the Burma Army itself suffered 5 dead (2 Burma Army, 2 militia and 1 porter). Lt-Col M 代償oengzuen  .


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